Honors Fellowships

Taylor Feenstra

Feenstra, Taylor - SquareName: Taylor Feenstra
Title of Project:
 The Impact of Social Pressure on Political Conformity
Advisor: Jaime Settle
Honors Department: Government

This project aims to understand how social pressure can lead individuals to lie about their political beliefs when faced with others who disagree.

Hometown: Woodbury, MN
Majors: Public Policy & Psychology
Future Plans: I plan to pursue a doctorate in political science after graduating from William and Mary. Ultimately, I hope to be a professor.
Hobbies: Fishing, baking, watching movies
Fun Fact: I caught a 30 inch 10 pound walleye last year, I did international martial arts competition for several years, my favorite movie is The Lion King, my little brother is my best friend, and I love small towns with gravel roads.

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