Honors Fellowships

Ashby Sturgis

Sturgis, AshbyName: Ashby Sturgis 
Title of Project:
 Pirates & Slaves: The Good Shepherd Archaeological Project
Advisor: Fred Smith
Honors Department: Anthropology

I will be excavating an 18th century fort to better understand the nature of sovereignty and control in the colonial Caribbean. I hope to find artifacts that will tell me more about the lives of the people stationed there.

Without the funding necessary to travel to Barbados and live there over the summer, I would be unable to do perform the necessary research for my thesis.

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Majors: Anthropology
Future Plans: I hope to become a researcher or administrator for a university, museum, or historical organization.
Hobbies: William & Mary Queens’ Guard/Pershing Rifles Company W-4, College Company Reenactors, Lambda Alpha Honor Society
Fun Fact: I like to surf in the summer and go camping in the fall. I play banjo and bass guitar. I love history, especially the colonial era, and I work part-time in Colonial Williamsburg.


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