Honors Fellowships

Carly Shira

Shira, CarlyName: Carly Shira 
Title of Project:
 The Right Fit: Improving the Algorithm Assigning Students to Colleges Based on Test Scores
Advisor: Donald Campbell
Honors Department: Economics

My honors thesis is focused on improving upon and characterizing the algorithm that uses test scores to assign students to colleges. The goal is to make this algorithm completely generalizable, which would allow institutions to successfully use any number of qualitative measures in the admissions process.

The importance of a quality education is more potent than ever in an age where human capital is at the core of the economy at large and is the crux of the progress of our society reduced to each component. Throughout my academic career, I hope to shed more light on how students respond to individual incentives such as standardized testing and extrinsic rewards. The Honors Fellowship has allowed me to dedicate the resources and make the time investment necessary to grapple with one aspect of the education system—the college admissions process.

Hometown: Greenwood Village, Colorado
Majors: Economics major, Psychology minor
Future Plans: In the hopes of becoming an economics professor in the future, I plan on going to graduate school for economics after my spell at William and Mary.
Hobbies: Indulging in good music, skiing, hiking, drawing, finding the perfect lighting for that photograph, going on TED Talk binges, finding excuses to go on road trips, and doing anything outdoors!
Fun Fact: I have skied the continental divide!


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