Honors Fellowships

Casey Thompson

Thompson, CaseyName: Casey Thompson
Title of Project:
 Brianzolo: A Hidden Identity
Advisor: Sergio Ferrarese
Honors Department: Modern Languages & Literatures

My project will further research the Brianzolo dialect in the Brianza region of Italy, which is the overlapping of three provinces: Lecco, Monza-Brianza, and Como. It will prove how it plays a huge part in regional identity. The dialect is continuing to disappear with the passing generations so it is important that it is documented and thus, preserved.

The Honors fellowship will help me conduct my research over the summer in Italy and will provide me with the necessary resources to record conversations, to visit museums, and to be able to travel all around the region to note differences and talk to different people and conduct interviews.

Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Majors: Finance
Future Plans: Continue studying with graduate work in the field of linguistics and I hope to either work for Bianchi Bicycles in translation or finance, or run my own triathlon training camp in Europe.
Hobbies: Triathlon, cycling, hiking, playing piano, studying languages, eating
Fun Fact: I collect swatch watches and I plan to have a pet platypus someday.


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