Honors Fellowships

Chloe Miksovic

Miksovic, ChloeName: Chloe Miksovic
Title of Project:
 “How Do They Do It?”: Characteristics of Successful Teachers of African American Students
Advisor: Jeremy Stoddard
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

For my honors thesis, I will be examining the characteristics and practices of successful teachers of African American students. These teachers, from the Tidewater region of Virginia, will be interviewed and observed in order to understand how teachers can individually affect the opportunity gap in our schools.

I’m so excited to have received an Honors Fellowship because it will allow me to start on my research the summer before my senior year; I will be able to focus completely on my research, which is very exciting! My honors fellowship will also cover transportation costs to the schools that I am working in.

Hometown: Gordonsville, VA
Majors: Africana Studies, Education
Future Plans: After college, I will become an elementary school teacher, and I will hopefully use the information that I have gathered from my honors thesis in my career.
Hobbies: I have been a dancer since I was four years old, and I’ve continued that hobby on campus in Pointe Blank.
Fun Fact: In Summer 2012, I studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa. While there, I went shark cage diving, where Great White Sharks were swimming two feet away from me and I was in a flimsy cage. I’m normally not very adventurous when it comes to animals (especially ones that could eat me!), but I’m so glad I did that!


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