Honors Fellowships

Christian Chamberlayne

Chamberlayne, ChristianName: Christian Chamberlayne
Title of Project:
 Talking to Nanotechnology: Building Molecular Antenna
Advisor: Elizabeth Harbron
Honors Department: Chemistry  

Emerging nanotechnology uses specific wavelengths of light to trigger the molecules. My project is to add a “molecular antenna” to the molecules, thereby making the nanotechnology far more sensitive to the light signal.

This honors fellowship is very important to my research as it gives me a chance to jump-start my senior honors research project over the summer.

Hometown: Norfolk, VA
Majors: Chemistry and Physics
Future Plans: I am intending get a PHD in Chemistry and then continue in either academia or industry doing research into materials.
Hobbies: Ballroom Dance Club, Westley Campus Ministries, Rock-Climbing, WM Robotics Club
Fun Fact: I have a pet parrot. I am the oldest of 4 siblings. Both my parents are WM alumni and met at WM


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