Honors Fellowships

Dave Geroski

Geraski, DavidName: David Geroski
Title of Project:
 Quantum Monte Carlo: Simulating Phenomena from Superconductivity to Magnetism
Advisor: Shiwei Zhang
Honors Department: Physics

For my research, I will be attempting to use a Quantum Monte Carlo technique, known as Constrained Path Monte Carlo Simulation. Essentially this is a numerical way to predict materials properties using Quantum Field Theory. This is important, because being able to predict materials properties is the main goal of theoretical condensed matter physics. On top of this, the ability to predict the properties of materials is important because it allows us to know these properties without having to measure them. This saves time and solves money overall.

The Honors Fellowship is important to my research because it allows me to get computing time on a supercomputer. In addition, it allows me access to additional academic and professional resources which will assist in my research.

Hometown: Derry, NH
Majors: Physics & Mathematics
Future Plans: After I graduate William & Mary, I plan to pursue graduate school in physics. After graduate school, I plan to continue my research either in industry or in academia or in anywhere else that life may take me. My personal dream is to be a part of the team which finds a material which is superconductive at room temperature.
Hobbies: Playing the tuba, singing, running, and cooking
Fun Fact: I am 6 and a half feet tall. While playing the tuba, I prefer not to wear shoes (cuts off air support).


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