Honors Fellowships

Elisabeth Laird

Laird, ElisabethName: Elisabeth Laird
Title of Project:
 The Modern European: An Analysis of Ethnic Minority Identity in the Twenty-First Century
Advisor: Bruce Campbell
Honors Department: Global Studies

I hope to define to what extent may a former citizen from a country on the periphery of Europe be considered a European. I will use three case studies of ethnic minority populations in Western Europe: Roma in the United Kingdom, Turks in Germany, and Russians in Germany. I will examine these on a national scale, through government policy, government organisations, and media coverage produced by the UK and Germany as well as by the minority populations themselves as they seek to define their place in modern day Europe.

I will be using the majority of the funding to travel to cities in the United Kingdom and Germany where I can perform on-site, first hand research towards my three case studies. Being on location will not only allow me quick access to a variety of primary sources, such as daily newspapers, but also the ability to consult with leading experts on the subject as well as experience for myself what it is like to live in these two countries as a foreigner.

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Majors: German and European Studies
Future Plans: I will apply for a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant to teach English in Germany. The year after, I hope to complete a Masters degree in European Studies in the UK, the Netherlands, or Belgium.
Hobbies: William & Mary fencing team, Cardiff University fencing team, swimming, travelling, learning new languages
Fun Fact: My favourite part of this academic year has been learning Welsh, both at Cardiff University and through lessons with the tutor at the National Assembly for Wales. Dw i’n hoffi siarad Cymraeg.


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