Honors Fellowships

Emily Mahoney

Mahoney, EmilyName: Emily Mahoney
Title of Project:
 Can Foreign Aid Improve Maternal and Child Nutrition? : A Case Study in Uganda
Advisor: Scott Ickes
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies 

I’m examining Feed the Future projects in Uganda (USAID’s food security initiative) and mapping data about these projects from donors, implementing agencies, and beneficiaries on the ground. I will use this detailed data to more precisely measure the impact of nutrition aid on nutrition indicators in Uganda.

Hometown: Germantown, Maryland
Majors: Economics, Public Health
Future Plans: After graduating from William and Mary, I want to attend graduate school and pursue a career in international development. I am especially interested in maternal and child health, applied theories of development, and nutrition aid tracking,
Hobbies: Writing, reading Harry Potter, wandering aimlessly in a new city
Fun Fact: The closest I’ve come to an athletic injury was last year when I sprained my ankle jumping on a moon bounce….


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