Honors Fellowships

Emma Albert-Stone

NAlbert-Stone, Emmaame: Emma Albert-Stone
Title of Project:
 Investigating the Neural Basis of Risky Decision Making
Advisor: Joshua Burk
Honors Department: Neuroscience

For my project I will investigate the role that certain brain regions play in risky decision making in rats, as assessed by probability discounting tasks. The regions I will test have been implicated in Alzheimer’s Disease, ADHD, and autism.

Receiving an Honors Fellowship will allow me to purchase necessary materials for my project and dedicate my whole summer to research!

Hometown: Needham, MA
Majors: Neuroscience
Future Plans: I hope to go to medical school.
Hobbies: I love cooking, hiking, traveling, and watching The Office!
Fun Fact: I have a twin sister.


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