Honors Fellowships

Eri Anastas

Anastas, EriName: Eri Anastas
Title of Project:
 Neural Plasticity in the Developing Embryo
Advisor: Margaret Saha
Honors Department: Biology 

I am investigating the timing and nature of neuronal plasticity, which is the ability of the neurons to change and adapt under varying conditions. This plasticity is crucial to embryonic development, and I will look into a class of genes that affect gene expression that may be involved in determining this plasticity.

The Honors Fellowship has generously provided the funds that will allow me to work and conduct my experiments this summer. This opportunity will allow me to collect data away from the academic semester without the worry of funding.

Hometown: Parkville, MD
Majors: Biology
Future Plans: I plan on applying to M.D./Ph.D. programs and performing oncological research in the future.
Hobbies: Reading, playing piano, swimming
Fun Fact: As a kid, I would always save any bottle (Plastic, glass, aluminum etc.) with the hope that I would use it for something later. I never did use them but I continued to save them.


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