Honors Fellowships

Grace Taumoefolau

Taumoefolau, GraceName: Grace Taumoefolau
Title of Project:
 Synthesis of Dual-Colored Fluorescent pH Sensor for Biological Systems
Advisor: Elizabeth Harbron
Honors Department: Chemistry

pH sensors measure the acidity of a given system. The focus of my project is to engineer a compound that can effectively measure the pH range of 4.5-6, in which several important biological processes take place.

The Honors Fellowship allows me to be fully immersed in my project early in the summer with the necessary resources and encourages me to talk about my research to others, especially the other Honors fellows.

Hometown: Sugarland, Texas
Majors: Chemistry and Physics
Future Plans: I would like to be a physician scientist in the future.
Hobbies: Drawing, reading, writing, singing, playing the French horn and cooking.
Fun Fact: I’ve been caught sipping on soy sauce when I was little because I was craving for sushi. I was promptly scolded afterwards.


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