Honors Fellowships

Hae Seong Kim

Kim, Hae SeongName: Hae Seong Kim
Title of Project:
Incorporation of Graphene Oxide into Polyurethane and Acrylic Polymers for Enhancement Against Hydrolytic Degradation
Advisor: David Kranbuehl
Honors Department: Chemistry

Polyurethane and acrylic polymers (acrylic paints) are the backbone of the paint industry. If the durability and lifespan of paint can be improved by incorporating Graphene Oxide into paint, then it will result in greater economic, time, and labor efficiency

Hometown: Fredericksburg. Virginia 
Majors: Chemistry
Future Plans: I would like to go to a graduate school.
Hobbies: My hobby is watching movies while eating fried chicken!
Fun Fact: I don’t have a middle name.


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