Honors Fellowships

Heather Hoskins

Hoskins, HeatherName: Heather Hoskins
Title of Project:
  Relaxed 3-Coloring of Planar Graphs
Advisor: Gexin Yu
Honors Department: Mathematics  

With greater understanding of graph structures, programs that are written to solve scheduling problems can be more easily and efficiently constructed, saving time and effort for the programmer and the user. I will be studying the structure of planar graphs where all triangles in the graph are no less than two edges apart from each other.

I am so grateful for the Honors Fellowship. The funding has given me the opportunity to reach outside of my comfort zone this summer and try something that I may not have attempted otherwise. I truly appreciate everyone’s support!

Hometown: Bartlett, Illinois
Majors: Mathematics and Secondary Education
Future Plans: After graduation, I plan to be a middle school math teacher.
Hobbies: Outside of the classroom, I knit whenever I can. If I ever run out of yarn, I pull out my spinning wheel and spin fiber into yarn so that I can knit some more.
Fun Fact: I am tall–6’2″, to be exact–but I still like to wear high heels once in a while!


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