Honors Fellowships

Isabel Bush

Isabel BushName: Isabel Bush
Title of Project:
 Once Upon the Internet: Modern Folklore in Japan
Advisor: Rachel DiNitto
Honors Department: Asian & Middle Eastern Studies

Japanese folk culture, like those of other cultures, is not limited by a sense of ancient “once upon a time” past. My research will examine modern case studies, like neonationalist witch hunts, and love potions on social media, and how this understanding of modern culture is valuable.

Without the honors thesis, I would never be able to conduct research in Japan, and certainly not to the scale that I have been allowed to.

Hometown: Washington, District of Columbia
Majors: Asian & Middle Eastern Studies and Global Studies
Future Plans: I’m very interested in citizen diplomacy within US-Japan relations, and I am interested in possibly pursuing further studies abroad after graduation, and in living and working in Japan through opportunities like the JET program.
Hobbies: In my spare time, I enjoy making hats, and I sometimes play the baritone ukulele quite badly.
Fun Fact: When I was in high school, I attended a talk given by Princess Akiko of Mikasa, which was when I first started thinking about a career focusing on Japan. Princess Akiko, if you ever read this, Thank you!


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