Honors Fellowships

Jacqueline Romero

Romero, JacquelineName: Jacqueline Romero 
Title of Project:
 Office Flowers to Business Magnates: The Rise of Women in Contemporary Japanese Business
Advisor: Kathleen Bragdon
Honors Department: Anthropology

My ethnographic research will examine the factors involved in the recent push for the entry and promotion of women in the Japanese workforce from the perspective of Japanese workers. Achieving gender equality is a global development goal in its own right but the Japanese case is of particular interest due to the paradox of Japanese women being among the most highly educated in the world but with very few reaching the upper tiers of business.

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Majors: International Relations, Anthropology
Future Plans: In the short-term, I’d like to either join the Peace Corps or become a Fulbright Scholar. I feel that both offer me the opportunity to broaden my mindset by allowing me to travel abroad, further develop my professional skill sets, and give me the opportunity to give back to others. In the long-term, I’d like to either go into foreign service, specifically diplomacy, or into non-profit work which helps disadvantaged peoples achieve success.
Hobbies: Cooking and baking – from all different types of cuisines and experimental recipes Reading – particularly fiction Knitting and other do-it-yourself-type of arts and crafts Drawing People watching and sight seeing – particularly of more natural settings and animals, which I love!
Fun Fact: I’ve always been very interested in different cultures and diversity due to the unique cultural mix of my own family. As a third-generation Korean-Mexican American, I first got interested in Japanese culture through its parallels and ties to Korean culture.


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