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Jake Schneider


Schneider, Jake







: Jake Schneider 
Title of Project:
The Political Economy of the Sultanate of Oman: Comparing Oil Wealth and Institutional Development
Advisor: Lance Kent
Honors Department: Economics  

I hope to explore the connection between oil discovery and the economic development of the Sultanate of Oman in order to see if Oman’s development of modern institutions with traditional culture has been a unique occurrence in the Middle East.

With the money I have received from generous donations combined with a scholarship I won from the Sultan Qaboos Cultural Center, I will be able to travel to Oman to work on Arabic language acquisition and then unto the United Kingdom to conduct archival research at Exeter University’s Arab World Documentation Unit (AWDU), the India Office Records at the British Library, and at the National Archives to assist with my thesis.

Hometown: Rockford, IL
Majors: Economics
Future Plans: After graduation in the Spring of 2015, I hope to either pursue a Fulbright in either Oman or Israel, or start in a job in international development. Eventually I hope to go to graduate school to study political economy and area studies.
Hobbies: I am a huge Detroit Red Wings fan, love Breaking Bad and House of Cards, and enjoy runs through CW.
Fun Fact: I have been to Oman previously. My trip in the Spring of 2012 to volunteer teach at the Sultan’s School sparked my interest in the country and inspired me to pursue this thesis topic. http://jakeomanexchange.weebly.com


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