Honors Fellowships

Katherine Shipman

Shipman, KateName: Katherine Shipman
Title of Project:
 Measuring Cannibalism Rates in Zooplankton Models
Advisor: Drew LaMar
Honors Department: Biology 

I will measure cannibalism rates of the zooplankton species Acartia tonsa in order to improve terms and parameters in current zooplankton population models. Understanding their population dynamics can be important to understanding the dynamics of the Chesapeake Bay.

The Honors Fellowship provides me with the resources and time in order to conduct these experiments on cannibalism rates this summer.

Hometown: South Riding, Virginia
Majors: Biology major and Mathematics minor
Future Plans: I plan to attend graduate school in a biology-related field and continue to conduct research.
Hobbies: Playing intramural soccer and tutoring at Williamsburg area schools
Fun Fact: I love baking cupcakes and sharing them with my friends and lab.


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