Honors Fellowships

Laura Pugh

Pugh, LauraName: Laura Pugh 
Title of Project:
 Determinants of Child Washing in Karamoja, Uganda
Advisor: Scott Ickes
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies 

I will study household and child hygiene practices in Karamoja, Uganda, and how they relate to water source. The Honors Fellowship is critical to my ability to spend this summer conducting field research. I will spend two months Nakapiripit District speaking with women, observing households, and evaluating water sources, all of which would be impossible without the Honors Fellowship.

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Majors: Biology and Public Health
Future Plans: After William and Mary, I will pursue a career in global public health.
Hobbies: I play the flute; until this year I was a member of the W&M Wind Symphony and love it. I am an avid runner and a burgeoning Pilates enthusiast. I enjoy practicing French by reading French Harry Potter.
Fun Fact: 1. When I was younger, I loved wiggling my years and would do it by accident sometimes when concentrating really hard. 2. Elephants are my favorite animal. 3. I’d rather be in the mountains than at the beach


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