Honors Fellowships

Lauren Jean

Jean, LaurenName: Lauren Jean 
Title of Project:
 The Hands of a Healer: The Culture of Medicine in Late Medieval Ireland
Advisor: Philip Daileader
Honors Department: History  

My research will focus on the medieval manuscripts produced by the learned class in late medieval Ireland, particularly on how the use of those documents were specifically shaped by the Irish context. As of yet, research in this area has been rather limited and my work would help to illuminate a fascinating chapter in both the history of Ireland as well as medical history more generally.

Without the funding provided by the honors fellowship it would be impossible for me to conduct my research, which would force me to compromise on my interests in choosing a more practical project. With the fellowship I will be able to travel to the appropriate archives in as well as being able to properly prepare myself for working with medieval manuscripts written in Irish.

Hometown: N Chelmsford, MA
Majors: History, Anthropology
Future Plans: In the short term I plan to work to make my thesis work acceptable for presentation at various undergraduate conferences and am additionally working to publish my history colloquium paper. Next year I would additionally like to attempt to present my thesis research at the Irish Conference of Medievalists. After graduation I plan on taking a gap year after which I will be applying for PhD programs in Irish history or Celtic Languages and Literature with the intent of becoming a professor of Irish history.
Hobbies: In my scant spare time I read an odd combination of modernist literature (Joyce, Faulkner, Eliot, etc.) and high fantasy (Tolkien, Martin, Jordan, etc.) as well as play traditional Irish music on tinwhistle and more classical pieces on Clarinet. I am also an amateur genealogist and a fan of the Boston Bruins and UMass Lowell Riverhawks hockey teams. 
Fun Fact: Including my semester abroad in Ireland I’ve attended four universities over the course of my undergraduate career– Fordham, UMass Lowell, NUI Galway and William and Mary.


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