Honors Fellowships

Lillian Singer

Singer, LillianName: Lillian Singer
Title of Project:
 A Statistical Analysis of State and Nationwide Legislation on Women’s Healthcare Access in Virginia
Advisor: David Aday
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies 

My project will investigate the impact that the closure of Virginia’s women’s clinics is having on our healthcare system at large, and what projections can be made for the future. This will be done in the context of the Affordable Care Act and the TRAP Bill, two pieces of legislation that are impacting us all in many different ways.

I have the unique opportunity to be studying something that is developing in the present, and thus, there is no real body of literature on the topic to reference. I am hoping to turn this work into an article for publication, which would make my findings more accessible to the general public, but that takes both time and considerable investigative work. Thankfully, the funding for this project allows me to focus my undivided attention on my research. The Honors Fellowship has also increased the visibility of this topic through crowdsourcing, which has been my goal all along!

Hometown: Annandale, Virginia
Majors: Public Health
Future Plans: I hope to be attending medical school in the years following graduation, and possibly expanding my public health education at the masters level as well.
Hobbies: I love making music both in and outside of ensembles, rock climbing, and kayaking. I also volunteer as a scribe at a free clinic, and as a women’s clinic escort on weekends.
Fun Fact: My license plate is my name, and my name is my license plate (no number substitutions, either!)


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