Honors Fellowships

Lucas Leblanc

Name: Lucas Leblanc
Title of Project:
 Redrawing Europe: Scotland and Catalonia Vote for Independence
Advisor: Maurits van der Veen
Honors Department: International Relations  

My research builds on years of research on the way public debate is shaped by a public and seizes the exceptional opportunity to live two votes on independence in two major European countries. It is important because it will contrast two unique events with the goal of evoking a fresh perspective on secessionism.

The Honors Fellowship is important to my research because it allows me to perform research of my interest after three years of faculty assisted research in the field of European politics.

Hometown: Arlington, Virginia
Majors: International Relations
Future Plans: I plan to pursue a Master’s Degree in the field of European Union politics and eventually a PhD. I hope to one day work in an international organization or in the diplomatic service.
Hobbies: I am a big frequenter of our campus’ cafe, the Daily Grind, where I can be found most Fridays at any time of day hunched over many empty cups of espresso. I also enjoy running, swimming, and travel.
Fun Fact: I just returned from a five month study abroad experience in Buenos Aires and am excited to be back on campus for my senior year!


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