Honors Fellowships

Madeline Grimm

Grimm, MadelineName: Madeline Grimm
Title of Project:
 Travel Guides that Shaped the Nation
Advisor: Nicholas Popper
Honors Department: History

My thesis will examine how travel guides written by British explorers and intellectuals during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries impacted colonization and shaped British culture. I hope to understand how British citizens who traveled or wrote about travel created a culture interested in experiential learning and imperial expansion.

The Honors Fellowship will allow me to travel to the United Kingdom and visit special collections around the United States to examine original documents. Studying these sources in person will improve the quality and scope of my thesis.

Hometown: McLean, VA
Majors: History
Future Plans: I plan to study history at graduate school and teach at a secondary school or university. I hope to continue historical inquiry and independent research in any future profession.
Hobbies: In my free time, I enjoy reading, going on runs, traveling to new places and working with children.
Fun Fact: Last semester I studied abroad in Scotland and went for a boat cruise on Loch Ness- sadly no sightings of the monster.


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