Honors Fellowships

Marvin Shelton

Shelton, MarvinName: Marvin Shelton 
Title of Project:
 Being an “Extraterrestrial”: The Need for Academic Emphasis on the Intersection of Race and Sexuality?
Advisor: Ann Charity Hudley
Honors Department: Africana Studies

My honors thesis focuses on how the ways in which professors at William and Mary and Howard University handle the topic of intersectionality cause LGBTQ Black males to feel a part or not a part of the classroom as a whole. Intersectionality is when a person is Black and LGBTQ. My research is important because I am attempting to discover whether or not academic settings can be used as a “space” for LGBTQ Black males to discover the value of their identities.

The honors fellowship is extremely important to my research because it has allowed me to focus solely on conducting interviews and reading literature for my thesis without the burden of summer finances. In addition, the fellowship has allowed me to pay the interviewees participating in my research.

Hometown: Louisa, VA
Majors: Africana Studies, English
Future Plans: My future academic and professional goals include applying to English Ph.D. programs and attending one.
Hobbies: I enjoy watching Netflix whenever I get the opportunity. I also enjoy running, reading, shopping, and eating.
Fun Fact: I can do a cartwheel and land into a split. I used to wrestle, and I was once weirdly obsessed with the World Wrestling Entertainment.


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