Honors Fellowships

Maura Brennan

Brennan, MauraName: Maura Brennan 
Title of Project:
 Gathering Places: Fountain Houses in the Athenian Agora
Advisor: William Hutton
Honors Department: Classical Studies

Fountain houses were important structures in the marketplace of Classical Athens. Gaining a more holistic understanding of the buildings, through archaeological, literary, and artistic evidence will help to create a greater understanding of Athenian society as a whole.

The Honors Fellowship is helping to facilitate my travel to Greece this summer, as well as to purchase necessary equipment to conduct my research.

Hometown: Fairfax, VA
Majors: Classical Studies & Music
Future Plans: I am hoping to attend grad school in Europe after I finish my degree here at William & Mary.
Hobbies: I enjoy crafting, being outdoors, and watching and making YouTube videos.
Fun Fact: When I was little I had a Revolutionary War themed birthday party. I guess I ended up at the right school!


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