Honors Fellowships

Nicholas Gupta

Gupta, NicholasName: Nicholas Gupta 
Title of Project:
 Reducing Neural Bias toward Homosexual Couples
Advisor: Cheryl Dickter
Honors Department: Psychology

My project will investigate whether gay-identifying participants show the same neural bias as straight participants. Additionally, I will use a manipulation demonstrated to reduce implicit racial bias to examine whether we can reduce this electrophysiological bias (recorded with EEG) in straight participants.

My research will attempt to demonstrate ways to reduce implicit bias that could improve social behavior. I hope to introduce new ways that this prejudice can be reduced in an experimental setting, which encourages social equality.

Hometown: Norcross, GA
Majors: Psychology, Kinesiology & Health Sciences
Future Plans: My future goal is to continue research in the cognitive and social neurosciences. Additionally, my interests include cognitive aging, diseases of memory, health sciences, and the physiology of aging (geriatrics).
Hobbies: W&M Social Cognition Lab, W&M Tennis Club, W&M Rock Climbing Club, W&M Swim Club, W&M Gymnastics Club, Alpha Phi Omega (Service) Fraternity, Piano (15 Years)
Fun Fact: In 2008 and 2009, I authored two novels under a publishing house based in the Southeast US. I was signed as an author when I was 15 and will oversee the release of my third novel in the upcoming year.


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