Honors Fellowships

Rachel Sillcox

Sillcox, RachelName: Rachel Sillcox
Title of Project:
 Assessing Language Deficits in Aphasia Patients
Advisor: Jennifer Stevens
Honors Department: Neuroscience 

Aphasia is broadly defined as a deficit in speech due most often to stroke or injury. My project will use EEG scan to explore the differences in brain activation when completing language tasks.

The Honors Fellowship gives me the opportunity to conduct my own research over the summer with greater access to resources.

Hometown: Derwood, MD
Majors: Neuroscience
Future Plans: I plan to attend medical school in 2015 and obtain my MD. I don’t know yet what specialty I want to go into but I am especially interested in the field of neuroscience.
Hobbies: I am a dancer in Orchesis Modern Dance Company on campus and I am a member of Delta Delta Delta.
Fun Fact: I took a trip to South Africa last summer and I went bungee jumping off the tallest bridge bungee in the world!


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