Honors Fellowships

William Plews-Ogan

Plews-Ogan, William 1Name: William Plews-Ogan 
Title of Project:
 The Ancient Future of Restorative Justice: Indigenous Forum Courts in Australia
Advisor: Kathleen Jenkins
Honors Department: Sociology

My work will look into the methods and measures of qualitative success for recently-instituted circle sentencing courts in Australia, which involve tribal and community leaders in an alternative sentencing process. These methods are intended to reduce re-offense for Aboriginals, but knowledge about the successes and limitations of these programs could help us learn about how to cut down on repeat incarceration concentrated in certain communities in the United States.

Australia is a bit of a hop, skip, and a jump–10,000 miles away and 13 hours ahead. Needless to say, I need all the help I can get to get there. More than the financial support, however, is the academic and personal connections I’ve already made through the program. My family, friends, and the W&M family have helped me arrange a busy schedule and some friendly contacts to keep me from getting lost in the Outback when I arrive (I’ll actually be nowhere near the Outback, so something’s gone terribly wrong if I come across dingos and kangaroos in the desert).

Hometown: Charlottesville, Virginia
Majors: Sociology and Hispanic Studies
Future Plans: Law school? Med school? JD-PhD in Sociology? JD-MD-PhD-MPP/Neverleaveschool? “Figuring it out”? Writing short stories and working at a coffee shop? I am hoping this research will inspire some sort of post-college scholarship to continue work in the field, and after that I plan on looking for law/PhD programs or working towards medical school with a Post-Bacc program.
Hobbies: Running, eating (copious amounts directly after running), drinking coffee (copious amounts throughout the day and night), reading words, writing words, avoiding numbers at all costs, watching The West Wing, hanging out with the dog at my log house in Charlottesville, and cooking food so I can eat it.
Fun Fact: I despise the beach, Spagetti-Os, skateboards, and hot places. I love seltzer water. I am working on a not-a-book written work. I am currently in Brazil, which is a hot place with a lot of beaches and skateboards…but thank heavens no Spagetti-Os. I have helped rehabilitate 2 baby squirrels in my lifetime (my mother procured a license, don’t worry). I spent mornings in high school feeding our horses and making my sister late. The jury is still out on my hair color.


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