Honors Fellowships

Alyssa Brown

Brown, AlyssaName: Alyssa Brown
Title of Project:
 Compensating Wage Differentials in a Time Series Framework
Advisor: Peter McHenry
Honors Department: Economics

Compensating wage differentials describe the impact of the riskiness of a job on its wage rate. I am trying to isolate the compensating wage differential using a procedure from a 1990 paper, though I have more than 30 years of data whereas the original authors only had one. Therefore I can use more sophisticated econometric techniques and have more convincing conclusions.

The Honors Fellowship allows me to devote my summer to this project, and also provides me with the funding to purchase an external hard drive and the statistical programs I need to execute this research.

Hometown: Haymarket, VA
Majors: Economics and Mathematics
Future Plans: I want to earn my PhD in economics and then be an economics professor. In other words, please don’t make me ever leave college!
Hobbies: I love to run long distances, cook vegetarian food, and listen to classic rock from the 1960s and ’70s.
Fun Fact: Last fall, I sent a professor seven different emails begging to get into his econometrics course. He eventually let me in, but I fear the override almost came with a restraining order. (Don’t worry, now I’m TAing his course and he doesn’t think I’m crazy, you haven’t funded a stalker!)


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