Honors Fellowships

Carolyn Hartley

Hartley, CarolynName: Carolyn Hartley
Title of Project:
 Sulfinato Iron(III) Complex for Photocatalytic Hydrogen Generation
Advisor: William McNamara
Honors Department: Chemistry

My project investigates the photocatalytic activity of an iron catalyst. This catalyst can be used to develop devices for more efficiently harnessing the sun’s energy and producing clean hydrogen fuel, a process known as Artificial Photosynthesis. The development of renewable energy resources and technology is a crucial step in solving the global energy crisis.

The Honors Fellowship is very important to my research because it gives me an opportunity to get a head start on my thesis work over the summer without having to worry about getting a job. It will also allow me to gain a lot of valuable lab skills and knowledge that will help me in graduate school!

Hometown: Alexandria, VA
Majors: Chemistry
Future Plans: I plan to attend graduate school in C0hemistry after finishing at William and Mary, and hope to use my chemistry background to help foster a cleaner environment through sustainable energy resources and technology. Ultimately I would love to work in a setting such as the United Nations in the UN Development Programme for integrating clean and renewable energy technology into developing countries
Hobbies: Running, traveling, playing clarinet and trying out new recipes
Fun Fact: My family does German folk dancing, and we perform at Oktoberfest celebrations regularly.


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