Honors Fellowships

Chantal Houglan

Houglan, ChantalName: Chantal Houglan
Title of Project:
 Salvador Dali’s Obsession with Dressing the Female: A surrealist contribution to fashion
Advisor: Francie Cate-Arries
Honors Department: Hispanic Studies

My research would offer a unique look at why as a surrealist artist Dalí felt the need explore the fashion industry, given the fact that he achieved much of his recognition and success as a surrealist painter. Salvador Dalí’s contributions to fashion may be entirely underrated, but I argue that they are his most truly Surrealist works of art.

The Honors Fellowship is important to my research because it would allow me to travel to gain knowledge that is crucial to my research. Due to the fact that Dalí’s numerous contributions to the fashion industry are greatly underrepresented in the scholarly world, going to Catalonia would allow me to gather information on his pieces and personal life that I would not be able to find elsewhere.

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Majors: International Finance and Hispanic Studies
Future Plans: I hope to one day become a buyer for a luxury department store.
Hobbies: I love brushing up on the fashion world as well as learning about investing.
Fun Fact: My two biggest inspirations are Brigitte Bardot and Salvador Dalí. Also a “fun” fact about myself that most people find hard to believe, is that I have never held a baby.


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