Honors Fellowships

Connor Dantzler

Dantzler, ConnorName: Connor Dantzler
Title of Project:
 An Objection to the Objectivity of Objects
Advisor: Chad Vance
Honors Department: Philosophy

When, if at all, do any number of objects form a single new object? I take a psychological approach to this question that focuses on Gestalt laws of perceptual organization.

The Honors Fellowship allows me to take the time out of my summer to research philosophical views on composite objects refine my own view.

Hometown: Damascus, MD
Majors: Philosophy and Psychology
Future Plans: In the near future, I plan to further pursue philosophy and psychology in graduate school, and then see how the future unfolds from there.
Hobbies: I enjoy competeing with my friends in varous video/board game challenges. My friends and I also love watching and supporting all of the campus’ comedy groups.
Fun Fact: I am a self-taught unicyclist. I’ve been practicing for a few years now and can do a few small tricks like hopping or moving backwards.


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