Honors Fellowships

Davis Richardson

Richardson, DavisName: Davis Richardson
Title of Project:
 Gay Men’s Language in Italy: In-group perceptions and attitudes
Advisor: Iyabo Osiapem
Honors Department: Linguistics

With this project I will delve into the issue of gay language by carrying out a sociolinguistic research project in Italy in the tradition of perceptual dialectology, a subfield that seeks to learn about ordinary people’s views of language and language use. Learning about these folk notions of language helps to account for general linguistic change in addition to serving anthropological and applied ends.

To access the speech community in question for research purposes, I required financial support. The Honors Fellowship is allowing me to personally visit Milan, Italy and conduct interviews with gay men living there.

Hometown: Fredericksburg, VA
Majors: Linguistics major and Italian Studies minor
Future Plans: I plan to become either an ESL or EFL teacher after graduation and eventually would like to obtain a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics or TESOL to supplement my teaching experience.
Hobbies: Vocal performance, language learning and teaching, Italian literature, travel
Fun Fact: I have now studied abroad three times, in Italy (1 year), England (1 month), and Brazil (1 semester).


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