Honors Fellowships

Doo Hyun Nam

Nam, Doo HyunName: Doo Hyun Nam
Title of Project:
 Asian American Voting Paradox: Why don’t Asians vote?
Advisor: John McGlennon
Honors Department: Government

I wish to understand why Asian American voter turnout rate is so low despite the racial group’s high socioeconomic status. The fellowship financially allows me to conduct surveys and polls which are vital to my research.

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
Majors: Government
Future Plans: I wish to attend law school and achieve PhD in political science after College .
Hobbies: I love reading books! I also enjoy listening to music and going to concerts.
Fun Fact: I love food. Food comes before a lot of things for me. Fun doesn’t matter if I am hungry. But quality of food also matters; an awful meal can ruin my day. A lot of people tell me that I am personable, nice and understanding. I honestly don’t know where they are getting those ideas since I am mean. I never share my food.


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