Honors Fellowships

Ebony Lambert

Lambert, EbonyName: Ebony Lambert
Title of Project:
 Unpacking the Psychological Effects of Institutional Racism at the College of William & Mary
Advisor: Anne Charity Hudley
Honors Department: Interdisciplinary Studies

My research involves interviewing and surveying twenty African American William and Mary students in order to investigate the social and psychological effects of institutionally racist policies and procedures here at the college. In studying these topics, I seek to learn ways to combat many of the systematic and institutional barriers that Black American students face.

Completing this Honors Fellowship will allow me to gain basic knowledge of topics that I plan to examine extensively later in my career, as I take steps to use my research and writing skills in my pursuit of educational equity for students of color, and in further studies of social and cultural issues.

Hometown: Petersburg, VA
Majors: Psychology and Africana Studies
Future Plans: I plan to enroll in either a social psychology, educational psychology, or language, literacy, and culture education graduate program, in order to continue studying social and cultural issues in education.
Hobbies: Some of my hobbies and activities include baking, creative writing, seeing films, and reading.
Fun Fact: One interesting thing about me is that I love performing spoken word poetry, and have had poems featured in three different publications. Another fun fact: I’m an aunt of three!


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