Honors Fellowships

Emily Draper

Draper, EmilyName: Emily Draper
Title of Project:
 Are Women Afraid to Disagree? Investigating the Validity of Twitter as a Measure of Public Opinion
Advisor: Jaime Settle
Honors Department: Government

I will be investigating whether or not women are more or less likely to agree with men in online political discussions by analyzing a Twitter dataset. By analyzing whether or not politically charged social media posts have a gender bias, I will identify whether or not social media is an accurate measure of public opinion.

The Honors Fellowship will allow me to live in Williamsburg while I work on my project, so I can have access to the SNaPP lab.

Hometown: Summit, NJ
Majors: Government
Future Plans: I want to put my data analysis skills to work in consulting after I graduate.
Hobbies: Stand-up Comedy, Running
Fun Fact: I’m training for a 10K


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