Honors Fellowships

Emily Harmon

Harmon, EmilyName: Emily Harmon
Title of Project:
 Predator-pray Interactions on the Coast of Maine
Advisor: Jonathan Allen
Honors Department: Biology

My research addresses basic questions of how marine animals respond to the threat of predation, using the eastern mud snail as a model organism. In particular, I will see how fighting for survival may contribute to complex life cycles and influences how marine animals maximize reproductive success.

The Honors Fellowship makes it possible for me to travel to Maine and conduct my research out of the Bowdoin Coastal Studies Center. This will allow me to address my research questions in a fitting model system.

Hometown: Warrenton, VA
Majors: Biology major and Chemistry minor
Future Plans: I intend to pursue a joint DVM/PhD program and career in veterinary science.
Hobbies: Volunteering in animal care at the Virginia Living Museum, going on adventures in Colonial Williamsburg, not looking where I’m walking.
Fun Fact: I will be living in the William Randolph house in Colonial Williamsburg for the 2015-2016 school year!


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