Honors Fellowships

Emily Nye

Nye, EmilyName: Emily Nye
Title of Project:
 Translating War: Telling the stories that can’t be told
Advisor: Elizabeth Barnes
Honors Department: English

For my Honors Thesis, I will be studying the literary techniques used by 20th century veteran authors in order to create works of authentic war fiction. I will be looking at Ernest Hemingway’s, A Farewell to Arms, Kurt Vonnegut’s, Slaughterhouse Five, and Tim O’Brien’s, The Things They Carried. To complete my research, I will be conducting an interview with Tim O’Brien this summer, as well as traveling to several one-of-a-kind archives. My research will compare the different literary techniques that each of these authors use to tell their stories in a way that preserves the integrity and authenticity of their experiences.

For me and my project, the Honors Fellowship has changed everything. Without this incredibly opportunity, my research would be confined to what books I could find on the shelves at the library. However now, thanks to the Honors Fellowship, my research has quite literally leapt off the page. This summer, I will be conducting a primary source interview, as well as traveling to several one-of-a-kind archives all across the country – all feats of which would have been impossible without the Honors Fellowship. I am indescribably grateful for this opportunity, and look forward to the coming year with great excitement and optimism.

Hometown: Windsor, OH
Majors: English and Marketing
Future Plans: Writing has long been my driving passion, and I hope to pursue a career in which writing can be incorporated into my everyday life. I am currently the author of a novel and a screenplay, both of which I am in the process of introducing to the world. After my time at W&M, I plan to attend graduate school in order to obtain my MBA, after which I plan to work somewhere in the marketing of literary content.
Hobbies: As is to be expected, besides writing, I am also an avid reader, with favorite works ranging anywhere from Little Women to the Hobbit. I also love to run, and spend every summer running 5 and 10K road races with my dad and my sister. With what free time is left, I can usually be found watching a good movie – with favorites including The Breakfast Club and Good Will Hunting.
Fun Fact: I live in a small, very rural town in Northeast Ohio, where my graduating class was only 88 students. Home for me is a crop and beef cattle farm, and from the ages of 8-18, I competitively showed black Angus steers, some as large as 1400 lbs.


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