Honors Fellowships

Evan Cunningham

Name: Evan Cunningham
Title of Project:
 Hybrid/Orchestral Composition
Advisor: Sophia Serghi
Honors Department: Music

My goal is to explore the interaction between synthetic and acoustic sound palettes to create a significant work of evocative recorded music. The pieces will feature different pairings of instruments and synthesized sounds, to hopefully showcase instruments’ individual strengths in unique combinations.

The fellowship is necessary to enable the full-time dedication that this project warrants. The fellowship will also allow me to make beautiful recordings, which are necessary for any musician or composer to be heard.

Hometown: Charlottesville, VA
Majors: Music and Philosophy
Future Plans: I am building a career in music (writing and producing) within a context of entertainment as well as academia.
Hobbies: Poetry, Pop music, Fitness, Soccer
Fun Fact: I’m currently studying abroad in Oxford, England!


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