Honors Fellowships

Fangyi Xu

Xu, FangyiName: Fangyi Xu
Title of Project:
 Graph Packing: Modeling real-life matching problems
Advisor: Gexin Yu
Honors Department: Mathematics

I will be studying graph packing with constraints, which is a generalized representation of real life situations such as roommate assignment, flight assignment, job placement, etc. I hope to explore a new field in graph theory where only a few papers have been published.

The Honors Fellowship has given me the opportunity to conduct research and to learn about graph theory from a different approach.

Hometown: Beijing, China
Majors: Mathematics and Psychology
Future Plans: After graduation from the college, I plan to go to graduate school and study behavioral economics.
Hobbies: I like cooking and inviting friends to my place for dinner. I also enjoy training my dog and taking care of my friends’ pets.
Fun Fact: I’ve had all kinds of pets growing up, including a turtle that we had to give away when my family moved to the US.


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