Honors Fellowships

Frankie Morin

Morin, FrankieName: Frankie Morin
Title of Project:
 Studies of the Development of Intermolecular Networks During the Curing of Coatings
Advisor: Tyler Meldrum
Honors Department: Chemistry

I will be using a magnet to look at how the coatings used for fine arts cure over time and some of the properties of the intermolecular networks formed. The Honors Fellowship gives me this extra time and the ability to focus full-time on my research

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
Majors: Chemistry
Future Plans: I am hoping to go to graduate school for physical chemistry after I graduate.
Hobbies: I love to read and make weird little sculptures with found objects.
Fun Fact: Growing up I lived in 6 separate countries and 4 continents!


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