Honors Fellowships

Gabrielle Mecca

Mecca, GabrielleName: Gabrielle Mecca
Title of Project:
 Fed Up: Why dieters overeat
Advisor: Catherine Forestell
Honors Department: Psychology

My research focuses on restrained eaters, and these individuals chronically diet to reduce or maintain their weight and tend to ignore their internal signals of hunger and fullness, which causes them to overeat. I hope that through my research I can bring light to the reasons why they do this and help create evidence-based solutions and treatments to improve restrained eaters’ dietary habits.

The Honors Fellowship is crucial to my research because without it, I would not be able to do this project. My family does not have a lot of money, and the money donated to my project by the fellowship is giving me an opportunity I otherwise would not have. Moreover, the fellowship helps bring awareness to another type of eating problem that should be addressed in the community.

Hometown: Virginia Beach, VA
Majors: Psychology
Future Plans: After completing my undergraduate degree in Psychology, I hope to pursue a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling/Therapy. After that, I would like to obtain a Masters in Divinity. With these degrees, my dream is to provide low-rate or free counseling to low-income and at-risk families in the Hampton Roads community.
Hobbies: Video/Computer games, playing the piano, listening to music, drawing, driving.
Fun Fact: I went to the Philippines for eight weeks in summer 2014 on a missionary trip to counsel hospital patients and participate in disaster relief from Typhoon Haiyan. I want to become a marriage and family counselor/therapist because I believe that fortifying families is a good way to ensure that children will grow up optimally and a way to improve our society as a whole.


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