Honors Fellowships

Hannah Smith

Smith, HannahName: Hannah Smith
Title of Project:
 Peptide Fragmentation Studies Can Lead to Improved Computer Searching Algorithms for Proteomic Studies
Advisor: John Poutsma
Honors Department: Chemistry

My project involves studying fragmentation patterns of different peptides in the mass spectrometer. It is important because it can aid in improving future identification of proteins using computer programs.

The Honors Fellowship allows me to use the tools and supplies necessary to carry out this research and allows me to stay in the Williamsburg area during the summer to have more time researching.

Hometown: Williamsburg, VA
Majors: Chemistry and Mathematics
Future Plans: I hope to either attend medical school or some form of chemistry graduate school and one day combine my love of the medical world and the world of chemistry.
Hobbies: Hiking, cycling, painting, drawing
Fun Fact: I drive a 1995 gold Volvo named Beau with 210,000 miles!


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