Honors Fellowships

Isaac Alty

Alty, IssacName: Isaac Alty
Title of Project:
 Effect of Hydrogen Bonding on the Fluorescence of 3-Aminofluorenone Derivatives
Advisor: Christopher Abelt
Honors Department: Chemistry

I will make three new molecules and analyze how their fluorescence behavior changes in different solvent environments. Changes in the color and intensity of fluorescence emissions will provide information on how each molecule interacts with solvents through hydrogen-bonding, which in turn may allow these molecules to be used as molecular sensors for biochemical and biomedical research.

Funding from this Fellowship will allow me to purchase the reagents necessary to synthesize my target compounds. It will also help me travel to Boston to present my research at the American Chemical Society’s national meeting in August.

Hometown: Lynchburg, VA
Majors: Chemistry and Ancient Greek
Future Plans: I intend to go to medical school upon graduation from W&M. I expect to specialize in a surgical specialty, and after completing my residency and fellowship training, to practice in a hospital setting.
Hobbies: piano, downhill skiing, on- and off-road motorcycle riding, radio control airplane design and building
Fun Fact: I have been on three medical mission trips to Africa where I helped my father do surgery in the hospital operating room. It was these experiences that led me to pursue a career in medicine.


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