Honors Fellowships

Jeremy Ross

Ross, JeremyName: Jeremy Ross
Title of Project:
 Military Governance in Guatemala: How a dictatorship managed dissent and resistance
Advisor: Betsy Konefal
Honors Department: History

I am studying the methods used by the military dictatorships of Guatemala, mainly between 1976-1985, to repress and prevent activist groups and guerrilla organizations from achieving serious moderate or radical reform in the country. This involves an examination of the most explosive years of the conflict.

The Honors Fellowship allows me to actually go to Guatemala to work in archives and conduct interviews. If I didn’t have the support of the Fellowship, I would be greatly constrained in my capacity to find new and relevant primary sources to contribute to the thesis.

Hometown: Chesapeake, VA
Majors: History
Future Plans: I would lie to become a historian and Latin Americanist
Hobbies: I work at the Daily Grind and am in Lambda Alliance
Fun Fact: I have an unhealthy obsession with elections in foreign countries and I drink far too much coffee.


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