Honors Fellowships

Jillian Sequeira

Sequeira, JillianName: Jillian Sequeira
Title of Project:
 Antifascist Graffiti: Crime or contribution?
Advisor: Kathleen Boyle
Honors Department: Italian Languages

Antifascist graffiti is widespread throughout Italy, an often overlooked yet critical part of the battle against neo-fascism. By studying this graffiti and its place in the public conciousness, we can better understand modern Italian political leanings and national/regional identities.

The Honors Fellowship is supporting my research trips across Italy to explore different graffiti in different regions. It will also support domestic travel as I plan to make a research trip to New York this summer to view several graffiti retrospectives and interview a handful of art professors in the city.

Hometown: Arlington, VA
Majors: Government and Italian
Future Plans: I plan to graduate in the spring of 2016 and then to pursue an MA in Human Rights in the near future. I hope to work in the public sector after graduation, specifically with at-risk youth populations.
Hobbies: Hiking in the National Parks, attending as many opera performances as possible, teaching English as a second language.
Fun Fact: After five months in Italy, I can now eat a whole pizza in half an hour, order a complicated coffee in under ten seconds and catch a train with less than one minute to spare (TrenItalia waits for no man).


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