Honors Fellowships

Karyne Williams

Williams, KaryneName: Karyne Williams
Title of Project:
 The Effects of Race on Perceptions of Political Candidates
Advisor: Cheryl Dickter
Honors Department: Psychology

For my honors thesis, I will explore the effects of race on the perceptions of political candidates. The goal is to determine whether someone’s implicit racial bias affects their voting behavior toward an African American political candidate.

This fellowship will allow me to get a head start on my research, where I would be able to focus only on my project. It will give me the opportunity to continue reading relevant articles and to finalize my variables and research question. It also gives me a chance to program my study and start data collection before the fall semester begins.

Hometown: Woodbridge, VA
Majors: Psychology and Government
Future Plans: After graduation, I plan to pursue race and voting behavior in a more political setting. I will be applying to both fellowships and polling firms in which I will be assessing the different factors that affect how individuals vote and why they vote against particular candidates.
Hobbies: Outside of academics, I enjoy playing music and reading up on current events. I am also a big basketball fan.
Fun Fact: I love the challenge of mastering time, taste, temperature and texture through cooking! I enjoy the immediate gratification of creating meals for myself, my friends, and my family. I am also a puzzle junkie; I have dozens of puzzle apps on my phone that I play throughout the day.


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