Honors Fellowships

Katianna Tron

Tron, KatiannaName: Katianna Tron
Title of Project:
 Sarah Hale: Using editorial influence to impact domestic feminism
Advisor: Jennifer Putzi
Honors Department: English

Sarah Hale used her role as editor to further the rights and opportunities for women across the nation. I will be researching her documents to prove that although many argue that she was overly conservative, she was instead, just subtle and effective.

The Honors Fellowship allows me to devote my time to the authentic primary documents that prove that Hale was a champion for American women. These documents are limited in number and in quality, and are spread out across the nation, which requires traveling to study them.

Hometown: Camarillo, CA
Majors: English
Future Plans: I look forward to graduating with a degree in English with a minor in Psychology, and plan to hopefully enter one of two worlds: that of editing or that of public relations.
Hobbies: I am a writer and President of Her Campus at William and Mary. I am the Vice President of Public Relations for my sorority, Tri Delta. I am an intern at the Office of Undergraduate Transfer Admissions. I am also involved with the Bone Marrow Drive on campus.
Fun Fact: Although I consider William and Mary my home, I actually transferred here after my freshman year at UC Irvine. I was born and raised in California, and am still overwhelmed by the cold weather. I am a dual citizen, American and Canadian.


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