Honors Fellowships

Katie Fee

Fee, KatieName: Katie Fee
Title of Project:
 Developing Functional Ceramics Through Atmospheric Fire
Advisor: Mike Jabbur
Honors Department: Art and Art History

My project will focus a significant amount of time working in the ceramics studio. With a sturdy research foundation, I will develop vessels and ideas that have emerged in my functional work over the past few cycles of production: simultaneously exploring interplay between dynamic form and surface finishes.

This fellowship is supporting the supplies I need to produce work in Williamsburg and to meet and learn from professional artists.

Hometown: Smyrna, GA
Majors: Art and Art History – Studio Art
Future Plans: Graduate School, Entrepreneurship
Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, Ceramics Club, Outdoors, Canoe Dance
Fun Fact: In my dream reality, there is a pair of dickey’s overalls appropriate for every occasion.


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