Honors Fellowships

Laurel Brockenberry

Brockenberry, LaurelName: Laurel Brockenberry
Title of Project:
 Emotion Regulation and Friendship: The shield and sword against adolescent depression
Advisor: Janice Zeman
Honors Department: Psychology

My project will explore the connection between adolescents’ friendships, emotion regulation, and depressive symptoms. Exploring this area of research could provide information on creating more culturally relevant interventions for depressed youth.

The Honors Fellowship provides the resources needed for me to expand my area of interests on a more individual basis. The Fellowship also allows me to explore these interests with the help of my adviser, which gives me the guidance I need to streamline my focus. The Fellowship also allows me share my journey with others who are interested in the field as well.

Hometown: Portsmouth, VA
Majors: Psychology and Government
Future Plans: Before I graduate, I hope to not only have completed an honors thesis, but also learn to provide comfort for fellow students and work through my extensive research of depression and peer relationships to do so. My future goal is to be accepted into a graduate program in Clinical Psychology and continue my expansion of knowledge.
Hobbies: I enjoy reading, cooking, crocheting, and DIY projects. CI also enjoy listening to music and yoga.
Fun Fact: I love to write in red pen because I think it makes my writing look neater. I have never read a book twice. Warm drinks (cocoa and coffee) are my comfort food because they always relax me and help me de-stress. I am the oldest sibling of five!


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